Kurdish Female Soldier Raped to Death & Dragged Naked

First he asks if she is alive, then he says smoking kills, isn’t she a whore, my friend, he asks his friend, then he says come here, I fucked his mother, her hair is sticking, he says he will do Turkish Airlines, he will fly soon and throw you off the cliff, so you can eat the penis of the Turkish Armed Forces. says
He finally found a woman that would let him fuck her
Date: December 27, 2023

2 thoughts on “Kurdish Female Soldier Raped to Death & Dragged Naked

  1. Its not rape bro.These are Turkish soldiers. They don’t rape. The woman was either bitten to death or froze to death. They carry it too.

  2. Why’s she carried naked then? Turks are the scum of this planet, and their soldiers commit all sorts of warcrimes including rape. Those cunts have even plagued Germany.

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